About Us
PTG Restaurant, an Italian BYOB and fine dining establishment in Roxborough, PA, has finally opened their doors. Gil Chavez & Maurizio DeGeronimi have been creating sumptuous Italian banquets for over 10 years with PTG Caterers. Now, they are bringing all of those unforgettable dishes, including their four cheese ravioli, to you on a daily basis at their new restaurant, PTG Restaurant. Described as having "no restaurant anywhere near it that is in the same planetary orbit", PTG is dedicated to bringing you the most memorable fine dining experience.
"The answer is that, its always been my dream. I myself love going to a fine restaurant and having several courses and several fine wines. This way I can provide the same kind of experience for people in this area without their having to go to center city. And they can bring their own wine, which almost everyone loves to do!"
-Owner, Gil Chavez